If you want to build a mobile or a web application and proceed with its successful launch, it’s vitally necessary to take in account a wide range of aspects and look at them through the prism of business and of course users. We all fully understand that success of an application depends on its functionality and use it may bring to them. And indeed, the aspect of functionality seems to be crucial and is always considered as priority, while design mostly takes a back seat. Further on, let’s speak about the UX/UI design, why it’s worth paying attention to no less than to the technical side of the question.

First Impression Makes the Difference

An application may have a great functionality with an extensive set of beneficial features, but it is offset by the low-quality UI/UX design, and you will lose your potential user with a high probability. And even in case you correct an error and make improvements to the design, the chance of attracting this user back is not that high due to the initially bad user experience.

So, what should we keep in mind to avoid the failure? If the UI/UX design of the web or mobile application leaves much to be desired, the probability that a user would linger at the app is negligible due to the first impression that already can’t be changed. So, if you want to keep your potential user’s attention a little longer and prevent his/her premature leaving of the application, it’s necessary to come about UI/UX with all seriousness.

UI & UX Design. What’s the Difference?

Well, let’s take a closer look at both these notions. First of all, it must be pointed out that they should be considered separately, since they are completely different. But at the same time both elements have fundamental importance for the end product and one cannot exist without another.

Let’s start from UX design (user experience). This notion includes the process of user’s problem detection and further solution, in order to increase his/her satisfaction and facilitate better interaction between a user and an application. Usability improvement, ease of use and user’s satisfaction from the interaction with an application determine the quality level of the product along with its relevance.

And what about UI design (user interface)? Quite often UI design is mixed up with a graphic design, which is definitely not correct. UI is a complicated structure which transfers the product development from the layout to the attractive and understandable experience for users. UI is an art which focuses on a variety of elements of the product interface that make it attractive, such as colors, button style, graphic, animation, widgets and many others. Main responsibility of UI designer is the visual user’s perception of the end product.

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