There is never a second chance to make a first impression. It is not a big deal to attract a user to your webpage, but to make him/her linger and commit actions on it is already an art. According to the statistics it takes approximately 0.05 seconds for a user to form the opinion considering the website and make a decision: whether to leave it immediately, or to stay for a while. To catch the attention of the potential user and maintain his/her interest, your website is expected to have an attractive design along with the clear and easy-to-navigate interface. This can be achieved if you pay due attention to the visual representation of the web application, its client-side component front-end.

Why Is Front-End Important?

First Impression Means Much

At the moment a user follows the link to check your website he/she does not know what exactly is expecting him/her there. If the visual representation of the application leaves a lot to be desired, the chance that a customer would linger for a while and proceed with some actions is miserable.

Even if you acknowledge your previous mistakes and concentrate all your engines on their correction, this disappointed user will be lost for you irrevocably. Always remember that you will not have another chance to make a good impression and do your best to ensure a good user experience from the very beginning.

It’s Your Brand Image

Whether a good or bad interface, it is important to have a solid understanding that it is not only the visual representation of your application, but also your brand image. Poor design, convoluted and overloaded interface entail bad user experience. And the potential customer forms the opinion of your company on the basis of the impressions he/she has gained after your website visit. In case your application fails to win the space in the user’s heart due to poorly designed visual components, there is no chance to hope for the loyalty and trust of the potential customer. Therefore, if you have ambitious plans considering the future of your application and the brand in general, paying due attention to front-end development should be your priority.

You are Interested in Customer Retention
Drawing potential customers’ attention is indeed a definite success and is already half the battle. Another half performs a certain challenge to motivate a user to use your application on a regular basis.
To make this plan come true, you need to show your competitiveness, and this mission can not be done without appropriate front-end development. Its main components are represented by:
Loading Speed. There is nothing pleasant if a web page is downloaded for ages. This only annoys the user and facilitates his/her premature page closure. To prevent this from happening, your application should be downloaded in a blink of an eye.
Compatibility with Different Types of Browsers and Devices. Preferences may vary from user to user. There is no universal device or browser that is used by everyone without any exceptions. This point should be kept in mind if your aim is to acquire and retain customers regardless of their preferences, be it Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. launched on a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

You Need Your Users’ Trust
The trust to your application may be lost easily and irrevocably if you do not care about the front-end part. If a website does not function properly, fails to deliver and any action taken ends up with the errors, such application behavior will pull your users away, with no guarantee that they come back again after you fix all the malfunctions. Nobody enjoys waiting in our fast-paced world. That is why if you intend to conquer the trust and loyalty of your users, ensure the proper functioning of your application before it goes live. Such an approach will save you money, strengths and reputation.

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