When it comes down to choosing an application for your business, you evaluate each option and then select the one suiting best. To make the informed decision, there is also a necessity to have a clear insight into your business — its aspects and goals. After thorough analysis, it’s time to decide in favor of one of only two options: whether to adopt a single page application (SPA) or a multi-page application. Currently more and more business owners are inclined to select SPAs due to their modern nature and user-friendliness..

Essence of a Single Page Application (SPA)

Single page applications or SPAs can be determined as web applications or websites that consist only of one single HTML page. They connect to the server only once, then download and renew data dynamically. This peculiarity allows users not to refresh the page over and over again to see the updated content. There are dozens of examples of single page applications that we use regularly. Services like Gmail, Netflix, Google Docs, Airbnb are all SPAs and utilized by millions of users daily across the world.

Statistics shows that website loading time is directly proportional to the bounce rate, when a user closes the page before the content is shown. For instance, if waiting time grows from 1 second to 5, the bounce rate increases by 90%.

A single page application can be a reasonable solution for MVP development. It allows the creation of an easy-to-navigate and responsive interface, which can be downloaded in a blink of an eye. Moreover, this solution does not require significant investments and a huge period of time for its development.

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